About Us


The Wageman family’s motocross roots run deep.  It started with the father of the family, Russ, who made a name for himself back in the 1980’s as a professional supercross and motocross racer. His sons, RJ and Robbie, were born into the motocross family and started their racing career at local southern California tracks, then worked their way up to the pro ranks.

The brothers have started to make a name for themselves as privateer pro racers and are looking to the future of living the dream racing dirt bikes. Now some of you may be asking, why beef jerky? As the 2018 season of supercross was approaching they wanted to figure out how they could better fund their racing career. Going out on a limb, they decided to private label beef jerky, and this is essentially how R-Jerky was established. 

R-Jerky is made fresh and makes for a great quality snack no matter what the occasion may be. Who doesn’t like beef jerky?  They started off with five flavors: Teriyaki, Sweet & Spicy, Western, Black Pepper, and Sizzlin’ Hot. In addition to the line up, the infamous crowd favorite Adam Enticknap came on board and they created the "7deucedeuce Edition" flavor of Black Pepper Beef Brisket.  RJ and Robbie are both very excited to see their beef jerky bring smiles to people at the races. Keep an eye out for R-Jerky as the boys will always have some on hand out at the local So Cal motocross tracks, as well as at the 2020 west coast supercross events.


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