All of our Gourmet Jerky Products are 100% All Natural, minimally processes with:

No Preservatives


No Artificial Colors

No Flavor Enhancers

No Nitrites

No Chemical Additives

Beef Jerky is made from only 100% U.S.D.A. approved Top Round Beef, not chopped and formed and our Beef Brisket Jerky is made from whole sliced brisket meat.


Turkey Jerky is made from 100% Fresh Solid Turkey Breast.


Game Meat Jerky is all Natural Free Range (never confined) Buffalo/Bison, Elk/Venison, Wild Boar, Kangaroo and Ostrich, raised without Hormones or Antibiotics.


RTE – All of our Jerky Products are Ready-to-Eat


Shelf-Life – Product will last 12 months if non-refrigerated, but due to the continual drying nature of the product, for quality concerns, not safety, the product is best used within 12 months of manufacturer. They may be stored and shipped at ambient temperature. No refrigeration required or recommended.


Sell by Date – On all individual bags of jerky is used for Lot Code control for product trace ability.